No Night There

I wrote this song in the summer of 2001.  I could not have guessed how appropriate it would become a few months later. The lyrics are from an old hymn of the same name by J.R. Clements (1868-1946), and are based on the Book of Revelation.

This is not a song of mourning, it is a song of hope. I dedicate it to all the victims of 9/11, but also to the many thousands of survivors, who, with the help of brave rescue workers, miraculously were able to escape. We will never forget.

NO NIGHT THERE was recorded and mixed in early 2002 at 90 East Studio in Stony Point, New York. Frank Dickinson, as usual, did a great job engineering and being a “second set of ears.”

I performed all the instrumental and vocal tracks, with the exception of the great seven string electric guitar, which was played by my good friend Dave Hirschman.